Congrats to Fabled Environments

-February 17th, 2010

We at 12 to Midnight were privileged to be with Krista and Charles from the very beginning as they formed their cartography studio Fabled Environments, and it is with immense pride that we announce that our former map imprint is striking out on their own. Fabled Environments’ reputation for their outstanding Modern Floorplans series is well deserved. I hope you’ll bookmark their store at RPGNow, and if you’re missing any of the maps in the line, I’m sure they’d consider their first month’s sales a great housewarming gift!

Modern Floorplans: Mobile Homes

-August 23rd, 2009

Modern Floorplans: Mobile HomesSo the next game in your modern campaign is coming up pretty soon. Got your maps lined up? You’ve got the mansion for the big boss, you’ve got the diner for the information drop. How about the mobile home for the safe house? You don’t? Well that’s okay, because the ENnie-nominated Fabled Environments has you covered. Their latest floorplan pack features two styles of mobile homes (aka “trailer houses”). The 2 bed / 2 bath single-wide floorplan would make a great layout for a nondescript safe house or hostage standoff site. The 3 bed / 2 bath double-wide trailer features an office with closet, making it a great layout for down-on-their-luck NPCs working from home or even an underground gambling house.
Go ahead and pick up a copy today. Why put it off? At only $1.99, it’s not getting any cheaper! It’s already cheaper than a movie. It’s cheaper than any game book at your table. Heck, it’s cheaper than a set of dice! Get your Modern Floorplans today!

In thanks for all the support our fans have shown us over the years, on April 30th Fabled Environments released a free map in their Modern Floorplans line. Download the Rooftop Gardens for a unique locale to hold hostage negotiations, a clandestine meeting, or to question a wealthy witness. These gardens are designed to fit atop the Highrise maps, but work just fine without them.

Download your free maps today from the Midnight Cellar, and be sure to drop by the forums and shout out some thanks to Fabled Environments.

thumbnail of Modern Floorplans pdf coverOkay, I’m just going come right out and say it. I wish I lived in this house.

It’s got a big basement, 1 bedroom on the ground floor and three more on the second floor. It has separate dining, “sitting”, and living rooms. It has a wrap-around porch. This house is, in a word, awesome! It’s also perfect for your next roleplaying adventure. It would make a great headquarters for your heroes, a dangerous location for a hostage crisis, or even a pulse-pounding, room-by-room search for a kidnapping scenario. Whether your campaign is of the action, mystery, pulp, crime, or horror variety, you can’t go wrong with having a multifuction house floorplan like Modern Floorplans: Craftsman Style Bungalow.

Remember, this floorplan, like all our others, comes in a variety of styles and configurations. Within the PDF you’ll find versions that are tiled, scaled to a single 8.5×11 page, or full size “plotter-ready”. You’ll find versions with furniture or without, with grids or without. For a measly $2.95, you get this map in just about any format you could want.

Modern Floorplans: Craftsman Style Bungalow is available at Midnight Cellar and RPGNow.

Contributing to the Mayhem

-November 26th, 2008

Did you know that you can find Modern Floorplans maps in Modern Mayhem? Mayhem is the first full-length adventure for the Modern20 system AND a complete guide to running campaigns involving criminal player characters AND it includes a sampling of 1-page Modern Floorplans. While Modern mayhem is brought to you by RPGObjects, the maps are courtesy of our very own Fabled Environments.

The samples found in Modern Mayhem are usable, non-watermarked maps. However, if you want the ability to print out the floorplan at battle-map scale, you’ll want the full version. Now is a great time to buy because we’ve collected the full versions of select Modern Floorplans maps and Modern Mayhem in one money-saving bundle.

Go forth and seek mayhem!