Modern Floorplans: Mobile Homes

-August 23rd, 2009

Modern Floorplans: Mobile HomesSo the next game in your modern campaign is coming up pretty soon. Got your maps lined up? You’ve got the mansion for the big boss, you’ve got the diner for the information drop. How about the mobile home for the safe house? You don’t? Well that’s okay, because the ENnie-nominated Fabled Environments has you covered. Their latest floorplan pack features two styles of mobile homes (aka “trailer houses”). The 2 bed / 2 bath single-wide floorplan would make a great layout for a nondescript safe house or hostage standoff site. The 3 bed / 2 bath double-wide trailer features an office with closet, making it a great layout for down-on-their-luck NPCs working from home or even an underground gambling house.
Go ahead and pick up a copy today. Why put it off? At only $1.99, it’s not getting any cheaper! It’s already cheaper than a movie. It’s cheaper than any game book at your table. Heck, it’s cheaper than a set of dice! Get your Modern Floorplans today!

Modern Floorplans, the top-notch series of RPG-ready modern maps, returns with a new floorplan you’re sure to want. Pick up An Average Victorian Style Mansion and let the good times roll. Use this two-story, 10,000 square foot mansion as the crime lord’s retreat, the Mayor’s house, the scene of a deadly hostage crisis, the target for some risky breaking and entering, or, if you’re really luck, your heroes’ base of operations!

Embellishments on this floorplan include a grand staircase, library, maid’s quarters, swimming pool, landscaping details, and even a hidden room! Pick up this modern Victorian-style Mansion floorplan today and start your adventure tonight!

Available at the 12 to Midnight store Midnight Cellar, as well as at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.