thumbnail of the Bloodlines coverWritten by Preston P. DuBose

The sun sinks low over the western horizon, painting the area in purple and red hues. You realize you’ve just searched the same area for the third time in a row. This is getting you nowhere!

You’re shaken from your frustration by a feather-light touch on your shoulder and a whisper like a soft kiss in your ear. “This way,” she says.

You turn around, but no one is there.

Welcome to Pinebox, Texas. There’s gold buried in these hills…or at least, that’s the local folklore. Join the Apollo Geocaching Challenge to race against other teams in search of a time capsule buried 100 years ago. Do you think you can succeed in 24 hours where two generations of treasure hunters failed? The race is on and the competition fierce. But be warned: there’s more to Pinebox than meets the eye. Some secrets are best left buried and some family trees best left unshaken.

Bloodlines is written for four, 5th-level characters and is truly a mini-campaign. The 121 page document includes 19 pages of player handouts and eight pages of GM maps. This PDF is fully bookmarked and includes color cover, illustrations, helpful sidebars, and hotlinked index page. The product zip file also contains a second “printer-friendly” version with all artwork and sidebars removed.

This adventure uses the OGL Horror magic system (included in the appendix), and includes new spells, rituals, and artifacts. Bloodlines is a complex horror-mystery, and is more suitable for experienced GMs. This adventure is highly scripted and includes scenes of graphic violence and adult situations–it’s horror after all!

“I never felt railroaded. … Perfectly captures the small town feel. NPCs have life and breath. Lots of good turns and twists, never saw some of the ending coming like it did.” -Skip Clarke

“I like the way it followed and it felt like a natural progression verses a ‘You have to do this’ style campaign.” -David E. Cline


Check out the d20 System demo. While you’re at it, also be sure to check out the bonus material on our Downloads page. There, you’ll find even more maps of Pinebox, as well as initiative cards* pre-printed with all the Bloodlines NPCs.


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*Special thanks to The Game Mechanics for licensing the use of their initiative card design. Visit their site to download blank cards for your characters. It’s free!

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