Buried Tales

-May 5th, 2009

Remember that fiction anthology, Buried Tales of Pinebox, TX, we mentioned a few months ago? It’ll be hitting game stores next month! Ask your friendly local game store to pre-order TWL6001. It’s 174 pages of Pinebox chills.

In support of the book, we’ve created a dedicated page that will be seeded with lots of cool stuff. We’ve got bios on all 12 authors, titles and summaries of each story, plus bonus audio content! Visit http://buriedtales.12tomidnight.com and let us know what you think!

Oh, I almost forgot! Starting today and for the next few weeks, some of news articles at The Raven’s Report will be related to stories you’ll see in Buried Tales.

In thanks for all the support our fans have shown us over the years, on April 30th Fabled Environments released a free map in their Modern Floorplans line. Download the Rooftop Gardens for a unique locale to hold hostage negotiations, a clandestine meeting, or to question a wealthy witness. These gardens are designed to fit atop the Highrise maps, but work just fine without them.

Download your free maps today from the Midnight Cellar, and be sure to drop by the forums and shout out some thanks to Fabled Environments.

thumbnail of Modern Floorplans pdf coverOkay, I’m just going come right out and say it. I wish I lived in this house.

It’s got a big basement, 1 bedroom on the ground floor and three more on the second floor. It has separate dining, “sitting”, and living rooms. It has a wrap-around porch. This house is, in a word, awesome! It’s also perfect for your next roleplaying adventure. It would make a great headquarters for your heroes, a dangerous location for a hostage crisis, or even a pulse-pounding, room-by-room search for a kidnapping scenario. Whether your campaign is of the action, mystery, pulp, crime, or horror variety, you can’t go wrong with having a multifuction house floorplan like Modern Floorplans: Craftsman Style Bungalow.

Remember, this floorplan, like all our others, comes in a variety of styles and configurations. Within the PDF you’ll find versions that are tiled, scaled to a single 8.5×11 page, or full size “plotter-ready”. You’ll find versions with furniture or without, with grids or without. For a measly $2.95, you get this map in just about any format you could want.

Modern Floorplans: Craftsman Style Bungalow is available at Midnight Cellar and RPGNow.

Fear Effects sneak peek

-April 1st, 2009

I should know better to post news on April 1, but I’m too excited to wait any longer on this. You may remember that we announced how Fear Effects would be available as a GM screen. Well, April is release month and late last week I was mailed a proof. I got so excited looking at this thing that I just had to share it with someone. I picked YOU!

Sure, I’m a dork. At least I have cute kids. 🙂 Take advantage of online and FLGS merchant discounts for preorders, or look for Fear Effects (TWL1002) in game stores in the latter half of April.


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Skinwalker Review

-January 22nd, 2009

Horror website Flames Rising just posted a review of Skinwalker. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about buying it, now’s your chance for another opinion. We want to shout out a big thanks for the review!