Trey Gorden, Executive Editor

Trey Gorden throwing a pumpkinTrey has been gaming since Gygax was a pup. Well, maybe not quite that long—let’s just say he started sometime in the late seventies. He got his first taste of horror gaming at a convention in Dallas (Origins 84?), with a brand new game by Pacesetter called Chill. Sandy Petersen’s Call of Cthulhu was not far behind; and that has led, as it inevitably must, to bothering 12 to Midnight writers about dangling participles and subject-verb agreement.

He spent his youth tramping around in the Pineywoods of East Texas pretending to be, depending on his mood, either Legolas or Nyarlathotep. Now, with his wife and daughter, he haunts the misty mountains and damp cafés off the country’s upper-left-hand corner. He never outgrew roleplaying games and, as predicted, this has stunted his development and prevented him from ever amounting to anything.

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