TC Largent, Vice President of Operations

address withheld to protect the innocent
TC misspent the better part of his youth in the wild pine forests of east Texas, where he was raised by a pack of wild poodles. In his late teens he was captured by the local animal control officer, who slowly integrated him back into society. By his early 20s, TC had once again become a useful member of society…occasional slips in his paper training notwithstanding. It was during this period that TC began his correspondence courses with “Al’s School of Higher Education and Lawnmower Repair”, where he eventually earned an engineer’s degree. However, his career as a train conductor was quickly cut short when his mandatory urine test came back positive for high concentrations of Code Red Mountain Dew. His double-life as a RPG gamer quickly came to light, and he was rightfully fired and ostracized from the community. Left with no job, no home, and no friends, he fell back into old habits and fell in with another pack of shiftless poodles.

On cold winter nights as he gazes longingly into windows on scenes of warmth and happiness, he is often reminded of the words of his mentor, the animal control officer, who said, “TC, maybe NOW you’ll send me your bio for the website!”

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