Preston P. DuBose

Like so many others of his generation, Preston discovered RPGs from the D&D “red box” basic set. He spent hours and hours creating characters and mapping dungeons on graph paper. Unfortunately, since he lived on a remote Texas ranch, he never had much opportunity to try out those works of 6th-grade creative brilliance. Luckily, his fortunes finally changed in college and he quickly made up for lost time.

Jumping far too many years into the present, Preston maintains the company website, edits, coordinates art, and performs layout for each 12 to Midnight product. Somehow, he even occasionally finds time to write–such as his adventure Bloodlines. When he is not at the helm of an independent press, Preston works in full time in e-commerce and credit card security, and even full-er time keeping up with his beautiful wife and amazing children.

His personal blog can be found at

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