Jerry Blakemore, Chief Financial Officer

Jerry became a gamer when he bought a subscription to Strategy and Tactics magazine back in 1972–he was into games that included maps and counters. And now he no longer had to make them himself. Actually, he designed a game for the Alamo when he was only 8 years old. It was not very historical as the Texans usually won.

Jerry volunteered for the US Army in 1976. While stationed in Germany he heard about some Lieutenants playing some game with elves, dwarves, and black puddings. Soon he was invited to play, as one of the LT was a war-gaming buddy. Using the old book from the box set he made a half-elf fighter magic user. Gaming has never been the same since.

He continued playing since that first time in 1978 through all of the different iterations of D&D, with Gamma World and Twilight 2000 thrown in as being some of his favorites. It was version 3.0 that got Jerry into writing modules for other’s enjoyment. Writing for the RPGA was fun at first, but then the other founders talked him into writing modern horror and he has not looked back.

His personal blog can be found at Simple American.

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