Ed Wetterman, Executive Vice President & Secretary

Bio:  Ed is a modern horror game designer and author. He was a founding partner of 12 to Midnight, a modern horror role-playing game company, in 2002. His 12 to Midnight credits include Last Rites of the Black Guard, Innana’s Kiss, Fear Effects, Green’s Guide to Ghosts, and Ed’s Midnight Tales for both d20 Modern and Savage Worlds. He edited and contributed to Bloodlines, Chickens in the Mist, Weekend Warriors, Skinwalker, Brainwashed, Fire in the Hole, Jerry’s Midnight Tales, Steamworks, Wild Things, The Beast Within, and Horror 20.  He has worked for Reality Blurs as Line Developer and author for Agents of Oblivion, and has contributed and edited for Realms of Cthulhu and Iron Dynasty.  12 to Midnight now publishes through Pinnacle, and Ed now serves as a Line Director and author of recently published East Texas University and Degrees of Horror. He published Class Ring for the ETU setting and is currently working on Dark Legacies (a haunted house plot point book for ETU).  Ed has written many articles and short stories including The Witch of Linda Lane for Buried Tales of Pinebox, and Hellfighter for Pinnacle. Check out the Pinnacle website at www.peginc.com and the 12 to Midnight website at www.12toMidnight.com for more information on Ed and what’s coming next.

Recent Con Activity:

  • Texicon  (upcoming) June 2015. Gaming Guest
  • Aggiecon March 2015.  Gaming Guest
  • Chupacabracon  Jan. 2015.  Guest.
  • Aggiecon March 2014.  Guest of Honor.
  • Chupacabracon  Jan. 2014.  Guest.
  • Tacticon  August 2013.  Guest of Honor.
  • Guest and Game Master at many cons dating back to 1986 with Nancon.

Recent Panels:

  • Pinnacle Talks
  • Creating a Setting
  • Starting an RPG Company
  • How to bring Horror to the Table
  • Girls in Gaming
  • Do you want to be Published, or be a Publisher?
  • Writing for RPGs
  • Industry Expectations of Freelancers
  • Creating a Family of Gamers
  • Can I work in the Industry?
  • Creating Worlds

Other Writing, Editing, or Contributing Credits include:

  • Savage Worlds
  • Science Fiction Companion
  • Jack’s Back
  • Maggie’s Ghost
  • Shock Jock
  • Kelley’s Bane
  • Brewhaha
  • Modern Dispatch (#24-100-various issues)
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