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-April 18th, 2018

Even though Ed and I (Preston) watch the Pinnacle forums regularly, I realize we post here on our own site only once in a blue moon. I figure we owe you an update on what we’ve been up to. For starters, the 12 to Midnight writers have continued writing for Savage Worlds titles over the last few years.

Also, the first weekend in May several of us will be at ChupacabraCon (again) this year.

So… we’ve kept busy. But you’re probably wondering about more ETU stuff, right? A year ago we announced we were working on a new ETU book we’re calling Study Abroad for now. This book showcases four different countries with student exchange programs where ETU students can spend a semester researching ancient libraries, exploring esoteric museums, and encountering new ghosts, demons, and creatures from folklore. The book is written, we’ve hit our target word count, and I’m proofing it. The bad news is that with my work/family schedule I’ve only been putting in a few hours a week, which just isn’t enough. Recently I’ve made a stronger effort to dedicate more time and I’m 50% of the way through the book. I thought I’d be done by the end of March and here we are, so at this point I don’t want to predict when I’ll be really, really done.

Once the book is in Pinnacle’s hands, it’ll join the production queue. As you know, Pinnacle always has cool projects lined up so I can’t predict when Study Abroad will be released. I do know it’s up to me to get it into the queue though.

If you have any questions just post in the Pinnacle Forums.


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