ETU Film Fest: The Faculty

-June 4th, 2014

With the ETU Kickstarter in progress and many Savage Worlds fans trying to get to know Pinebox a little better, this “film fest” talks about some of the movies we think capture the spirit of ETU and Pinebox, Texas. Pun very much intended.


The Faculty

This movie, released in 1998, was Robert Rodriguez’s next to direct after From Dusk Till Dawn. If you’re not familiar with The Faculty, it’s like Breakfast Club meets Body Snatchers. Like Dusk Till Dawn, it includes a number of recognizable faces–including Salma Hayek who not only starred in Rodriguez’s DtD, but also his earlier Desperado. I can’t fault the guy for his casting choices.

What makes it an ETU/Pinebox style movie? While not so much supernatural as paranormal/alien, its “something is taking over the school and we students have to fight back” premise makes it a worthy film fest entry for your ETU inspiration. Replace aliens with wholesale demonic possession–or for that matter stick with the aliens–and you’ve got yourself a pretty good setup for a campus-themed adventure. Bonus points for the paranoia of not knowing who you can trust.

(Also, can I just say how fun it is watching old movie trailers? To me 1998 was just like, yesterday, until I see how dated these trailers look. Did we really think that was a good commercial? When did movie trailers stop looking so cheesy?)

What’s it missing? The Faculty is set in high school rather than a college campus, although all the actors playing teens are almost certainly in their 20s. Also, I don’t remember where it’s set but it probably needed more monster trucks, rednecks, and hogzilla.

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