With the ETU Kickstarter in progress and many Savage Worlds fans trying to get to know Pinebox a little better, this “film fest” talks about some of the movies we think capture the spirit of ETU and Pinebox, Texas. Pun very much intended.


Dale and Tucker vs Evil

This movie is criminally under-appreciated. For quite a long time you could stream it from Netflix, so be sure to start by checking there. Dale and Tucker vs Evil turns the “college kids attacked by in-bred rednecks” on its head. All poor Dale and Tucker want to do is enjoy their “fixer upper” lake house. Instead, crazy college kids keep coming out of the woods and attacking them! The day after I saw this movie I went to the store and bought a copy.

I’ll admit that I added it to my rental queue mostly based on the silly premise and the presence of Alan “Firefly’s Wash”  Tudyk, but in this movie he plays the (relatively) straight man to the funny Tyler Labine.

What makes it a Pinebox pick?

D&TvE deftly flips common horror tropes like “camp murder” and “degranged rednecks” on their heads. Likewise, East Texas University keep players on their toes by sometimes using their expectations against them.

 What’s off kilter?

It’s a really, really funny movie. That makes for a highly recommended night in front of the tv, but not such a great horror game. In ETU, the supernatural is no laughing matter.

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