Pinebox Coming to Pinnacle

-April 6th, 2010

The day that we have been waiting for has finally arrived–the day that we can talk about this announcement on the Pinnacle front page. Since the news there rotates weekly, I’ll paste the most relevant part here below. To say we’re excited about this new direction is an understatement. Having Pinebox become an official Savage Worlds setting is like watching our high-schooler graduate and move off to college. And with ETU: Degrees of Horror coming out, that description is very apt!

The terrifying tales of Pinebox, Texas are coming to Pinnacle Entertainment! With the writing of ETU: Degrees of Horror all but complete, the stars have aligned and the time has come to reveal the Grand Convergence. Effective immediately, longtime Savage Worlds licensee 12 to Midnight is passing the reins to Pinnacle for the production and sale of Pinebox setting titles. This lets Ed Wetterman, Preston DuBose, and the rest of the 12 to Midnight creative team concentrate on what they love (writing for the Pinebox setting) and Pinnacle to give you more of what you love (in particular, Pinebox horror materials for Savage Worlds).

So what does this mean, exactly? It means that Pinebox will be getting more exposure than ever before. It means that we can focus on producing more new, cool Pinebox material while someone else focuses on production schedules, art direction, layout, and so on. For you, it’ll mean more new Pinebox content, more regularly than we’ve been able to produce before.

With this new focus comes changes to our catalog of titles. Now that Pinebox is an official Pinnacle setting for Savage Worlds, we are retiring the d20 editions of our Pinebox titles. That means that if you want PDF copies of Last Rites, The Beast Within, Brainwashed, Bloodlines, or Skinwalker for d20 Modern, you’d better get them this month. At the end of the month, they’ll be retired for good. Expect a sale shortly. On the flipside, since we’re focusing on Pinebox for Savage Worlds, our military horror PDF titles Weekend Warriors, Innana’s Kiss, and Fire in the Hole will be retired from the Savage Worlds system. After the end of this month, they will only be available for the modern d20 System. Don’t worry– we’ll put the affected titles on sale this week so that you can afford to stock up before they’re gone for good.

I know the 12 to Midnight front page has been dead lately (ba-dum-dum-chit), but that has partially been by design. We haven’t been able to talk much about the future until this news became public. Expect a lot more news here in the coming weeks and months. ETU is completely written and is being proofread. The Raven’s Report is rising from the ashes. A new stand-alone Pinebox adventure is almost done. We’ve got great things in store for Pinebox, so we hope you’ll stick around… if you dare!

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