Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas; has been out for just over two months now and is starting to get some great reviews. A few highlights include:

Tood Cash at FlamesRising.com

“Diving into these stories felt like a mix between the stories I read in old comic titles like The House of Mystery and The Vault of Horror. A short set-up with a handful of characters, an environment in something Man Knows Isn’t Right, and a twisty, usually gruesome ending makes up the bulk of these short stories. They make for the perfect campfire stories.”

Bill Bodden at Xenagia.net:

“Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas is a very solid collection of horror tales; Editor Matt McElroy has put together a strong slate of writers to chill our hearts. One doesn’t have to be a gamer to appreciate them or enjoy the shivers they send up the reader’s spine. If you’re like me, what the stories will do is inspire you to learn more about the setting, hoping to discover additional such interesting tidbits to read.”

Jeff LaSala at Examiner.com:

“Each short story offers one disturbing little slice of this fictitious rural town in eastern Texas—the whole of which is reminiscent of the creepiest aspects of The Blair Witch Project and the X-Files, with a dash or two of good ol’ small-town Lovecraftian horror thrown in.”

A special thanks to Tood, Bill and Jeff for those great reviews. Always appreciated. If you are thinking of writing a review, shoot us an e-mail when it gets posted online and we’ll be happy to add it to the Buried Tales website.

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