Other than the Midnight Charity Project and a random release here and there, I know from the outside it may seem like 12 to Midnight has gone dormant. From the inside, I can tell you nothing is further from the truth. In fact, we have several exciting releases scheduled for 2009, so rather than summarize them I thought it would be more fun to give each release its own moment to shine.

Image of the Last Rites cover, featuring a Nazi mummy slumped in a chair.First, the big stuff. In 2009 you’ll be able to find print editions of 12 to Midnight Games in your friendly local game store. The first of those is Last Rites of the Black Guard, the very first game we published and still one of our spookiest, most popular adventures. This will be an all-new edition in released for the Savage Worlds system in 6×9 softcover. That is almost exactly the same size as the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition, so they’ll look great on your shelf together. Last Rites is getting a new introduction, new layout, new artwork, notes for alternate endings, Fear Effects notations, and more. It’s also being officially moved from Rosetta, TX to Pinebox, TX to fit right in with our other adventures–oh the benefit of hindsight!

The new print edition of Last Rites of the Black Guard will be hitting game stores in early March, and some online stores are already taking preorders. If you’d rather order it from your store, the item ID is TWL1001. The book is set with a retail price of $16.99, but the stores taking preorders are selling it at 20% off. The price is higher than we would have liked to set it, but this being our first release we weren’t sure how many copies we’d sell and we needed to make sure we at least broke even. This is where you come in. If you want to see more 12 to Midnight releases, and see them cheaper, please order this book. Order it for your friends, order it for your GM, order it for anyone who is a fan of horror. Once we have an idea of how many of you want our games in print, we’ll be able to adjust the price to be as affordable as we can manage.

Incidentally, if you want to own an autographed copy as soon as they’re available, we’re auctioning off a single copy for the Midnight Charity Project beginning December 12.

So, that’s our March release. What’s next? You’ll have to tune in next week, when I reveal our April print release.

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