Halloween in Pinebox, Texas

-October 29th, 2010

A town with as many dark secrets as Pinebox is bound to have an equally spooky Halloween, right? Our friends at FlamesRising.com have posted a short travel essay on the Pinebox Fall Fest written by 12 to Midnight’s Preston P. DuBose. Fall Fest begins on Halloween and extends through Day of the Dead. The festival includes a parade, food tents, costumed street dance, and much more! Read between the lines and introduce your players to a weekend of mystery, intrigue, and danger at the Fall Fest!

Flames RisingFlames Rising, the web’s source of news, reviews, and interviews for all things horror, recently interrogated interviewed Ed and I here at 12 to Midnight. Matt was smart enough to come prepared with holy water, salt, and our true names. Thus, we were compelled to answer his questions. If you’ve been curious about our origins, the Pinebox’s history, or anything else related to 12 to Midnight, definitely jump over to our Flames Rising interview.

Bad puns aside, we are grateful for the latest Steamworks review to roll in–this time from the Flames Rising e-zine. If you’re still not sure if Steamworks is for you or you’d just like more information, brave the Flames to see what they have to say.

Okay! No more puns (today). I promise!

If you’re not familiar with the horror webzine Flames Rising, now is the perfect time to get acquainted. Not only have they recently redesigned their site, but they are holding a contest for the best short essay on your favorite horror game. Flames Rising has always had great reviews and interviews with big names in horror, so visit for the contest but stay for the amazing content. 12 to Midnight is glad to support Flames Rising in their site relaunch celebration by joining the ranks of many other publishers who are offering prizes for essay winners. The contest deadline is March 15, but there’s no harm in getting those essays in today!