Check: The character generally must be within 10 feet of the object or surface to be examined. A character can examine up to a 5-foot-by-5-foot area or a volume of goods 5 feet on a side with a single check. A Search check can turn up individual footprints, but does not allow a character to follow tracks or tell the character which direction the creature or creatures went or came from.

10Ransack an area to find a certain object.
20Notice a typical secret compartment, a simple trap, or an obscure clue.
25+Find a complex or well-hidden secret compartment or trap; notice an extremely obscure clue.

Special: A character can take 10 or take 20 when making a Search check.

A character with the Meticulous feat gets a +2 bonus on all Search checks.

Time: A Search check is a full-round action.