Craft (mechanical)

(Int; Trained Only)

Check: This skill allows a character to build mechanical devices from scratch, including engines and engine parts, weapons, armor, and other gadgets. When building a mechanical device from scratch, the character describes the kind of device he or she wants to construct; then the Gamemaster decides if the device is simple, moderate, complex, or advanced compared to current technology.

Type of Scratch-Built Mechanical Device (Examples)Purchase DCCraft DCTime
Simple (tripwire trap)5151 hr
Moderate (engine component, light armor)122012 hr.
Complex (automobile engine, 9mm autoloader handgun)162524 hr.
Advanced (jet engine)203060 hr.

Special: A character without a mechanical tool kit takes a -4 penalty on Craft (mechanical) checks. A character with the Builder feat gets a +2 bonus on all Craft (mechanical) checks.