Craft (electronic)

(Int; Trained Only)

Check: This skill allows a character to build electronic equipment from scratch, such as audio and video equipment, timers and listening devices, or radios and communication devices. When building an electronic device from scratch, the character describes the kind of device he or she wants to construct; then the Gamemaster decides whether the device is simple, moderate, complex, or advanced compared to current technology.

Type of Scratch-Built Electronics (Examples)Purchase DCCraft DCTime
Simple (timer or detonator)8151 hr.
Moderate (radio direction finder, electronic lock)122012 hr.
Complex (cell phone)162524 hr.
Advanced (computer)223060 hr.

Special: A character without an electrical tool kit takes a -4 penalty on Craft (electronic) checks. A character with the Builder feat gets a +2 bonus on all Craft (electronic) checks.