Craft (chemical)

(Int; Trained Only)

Check: This skill allows a character to mix chemicals to create acids, bases, explosives, and poisonous substances.

Acids and Bases: Acids are corrosives substances. Bases neutralize acids but do not deal damage. A base of a certain type counteracts an acid of the same type or a less potent type.

Type of AcidPurchase DCCraft DCsTime
Mild (1d6/1d10)1815101 min.
Potent (2d6/2d10)12201530 min.
Concentrated (3d6/3d10)1630201 hr.

1 The dice rolls in parentheses are typical splash damage/immersion damage caused per round of exposure to the acid.

Explosives: Building an explosive from scratch is dangerous. If the Craft (chemical) check fails, the raw materials are wasted. If the check fails by 5 or more, the explosive compound detonates as it is being made, dealing half of its intended damage to the builder and anyone else in the burst radius. If the check succeeds, the final product is a solid material, about the size of a brick. An explosive compound does not include a fuse or detonator. Connecting a fuse or detonator requires a Demolitions check.

Type of Scratch-Built ExplosivePurchase DCReflex Save DCCraft DCTime
Improvised (1d6/5 feet)1610101 round
Simple (2d6/5 feet)12121510 min.
Moderate (4d6/10 feet)1612201 hr.
Complex (6d6/15 feet)2015253 hr.
Powerful (8d6/20 feet)25153012 hr.
Devastating (10d6/25 feet)30183524 hr.

1 The figures in parentheses are typical damage/burst radius for each type of explosive.

Scratch built explosives deal concussion damage.

Poisonous Substances: Solid poisons are usually ingested. Liquid poisons are most effective when injected directly into the bloodstream. Gaseous poisons must be inhaled to be effective. The table below summarizes the characteristics of various poisons.

Save DC: The Difficulty Class of the Fortitude save to negate the effects of the poison.

Initial Damage: The damage a character takes immediately upon failing his or her Fortitude save.

Secondary Damage: The damage a character takes after 1 minute of exposure to the poison if the character fails a second saving throw. Ability score damage is temporary, unless marked with an asterisk, in which case the damage is permanent ability drain. Unconsciousness lasts for 1d3 hours, and paralysis lasts 2d6 minutes.

Purchase DC: The DC for the Wealth check necessary to obtain the raw materials to craft the poison, or to purchase one bottle of solid or liquid poison or one high-pressure cylinder of gaseous poison. A bottle holds four doses, while a cylinder holds enough gas to fill a 10-foot-radius area.

Restriction: The restriction rating for the poison, if any, and the appropriate black market purchase DC modifier. Remember to apply this modifier to the purchase DC when making a Wealth check to acquire the poison on the black market.

Craft DC: The DC of the Craft check to create a quantity of the poison.

Check: The amount of time required for the Craft check. If the Craft check succeeds, the final product is a synthesized solid or liquid poison stored in a bottle (containing 4 doses) or a gas stored in a pressurized cylinder. When released, the gas is sufficient to fill a 10-foot-radius area and takes 1 round to fill the area.

Table: Poisons
PoisonTypeSave DCInitial DamageSecondary DamagePurchase DCRestrictionCraft DCTime
ArsenicIngested151d4 Str2d4 Con9Res (+2)244 hr.
AtropineInjury131d6 Dex1d6 Str3Res (+2)141 hr.
Belladonna (plant)Injury181d6 Str2d6 Str14Lic (+1)n/an/a
Blue vitriolInjury121d2 Con1d2 Con3Res (+2)91 hr.
Blue-ringed octopus venomInjury151d4 Con1d4 Con14Lic (+1)n/an/a
Chloral hydrateIngested181d6 DexUnconsciousness - 1d3 hours12Res (+2)288 hr.
Chloroform1Inhaled17Unconsciousness - 1d3 hours-9Res (+2)244 hr.
Curare (plant)Injury182d4 Dex2d4 Wis15Res (+2)n/an/a
CyanideInjury161d6 Con2d6 Con15Mil (+3)3115 hr.
CyanogenInhaled191d4 Dex2d4 Con12Mil (+3)288 hr.
DDTInhaled171d2 Str1d4 Str9Lic (+1)204 hr.
Knockout gasInhaled181d3 DexUnconsciousness - 1d3 hours12Res (+2)268 hr.
Lead arsenate (gas)Inhaled121d2 Str1d4 Con6Res (+2)172 hr.
Lead arsenate (solid)Ingested121d2 Con1d4 Con6Res (+2)182 hr.
Mustard gasInhaled171d4 Con2d4 Con12Mil (+3)268 hr.
Paris green (gas)Inhaled141d2 Con1d4 Con9Res (+2)204 hr.
Paris green (solid)Ingested141d4 Con1d4 Con9Res (+2)244 hr.
Puffer poison (fish)Injury131d6 StrParalysis - 2d6 minutes13Lic (+1)n/an/a
Rattlesnake venomInjury121d6 Con1d6 Con12Lic (+1)n/an/a
Sarin nerve gasInhaled181d4 Con2d4 Con15Illegal (+4)3015 hr.
Scorpion/tarantula venomInjury111d2 Str1d2 Str12Lic (+1)n/an/a
StrychnineInjury191d3 Dex2d4 Con9Res (+2)234 hr.
Tear gasInhaled15Nauseated 1d6 rounds- 9Res (+2)214 hr.
VX nerve gasInhaled221d6 Con2d6 Con21Illegal (+4)4248 hr.

1Chloroform gives off vapor that causes unconsciousness. Applying chloroform to an unwilling subject requires a successful grapple check and pin.

n/a: Certain poisons can't be made with the Craft skill. Instead, such a poison must be obtained by extracting it from the creature in question.

Special: A character without a chemical kit takes a -4 penalty on Craft (chemical) checks. A character with the Builder feat gets a +2 bonus on all Craft (chemical) checks.