Read/Write Language

(None; Trained Only)

The Read/Write Language skill doesn't work like a standard skill.

Language Groups: There are thousands of languages to choose from when a character buys ranks in Speak Language or Read/Write Language. A few are listed here, sorted into their general language groups. A language's group doesn't matter when a character is buying ranks in Speak Language or Read/Write Language. Language groups are provided because they pertain to the Smart hero's Linguist talent. This list is by no means exhaustive-there are many more language groups, and most groups contain more languages than those listed here. Algic: Algonkin, Arapaho, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Shawnee. Armenian: Armenian. Athabascan: Apache, Chipewyan, Navaho. Attic: Ancient Greek*, Greek. Baltic: Latvian, Lithuanian. Celtic: Gaelic (Irish), Gaelic (Scots), Welsh. Chinese: Cantonese, Mandarin. Finno-Lappic: Estonian, Finnish, Lapp. Germanic: Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, English, Flemish, German, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Yiddish. Hamo-Semitic: Coptic*, Middle Egyptian*. Indic: Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit*, Urdu. Iranian: Farsi, Pashto. Japanese: Japanese. Korean: Korean. Romance: French, Italian, Latin*, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish. Semitic: Akkadian (aka Babylonian)*, Ancient Hebrew*, Arabic, Aramaic*, Hebrew. Slavic: Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Ukrainian. Tibeto-Burman: Burmese, Sherpa, Tibetan. Turkic: Azerbaijani, Turkish, Uzbek. Ugric: Hungarian (aka Magyar). *This is an ancient language. In the modern world it is spoken only by scholars, or in some cases by small populations in isolated corners of the world.

Speak Language

(None; Trained Only)

The Speak Language skill doesn't work like a standard skill.