True Seeing


Level: Divine 5

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: Attack action

Range: Touch

Target: Creature touched

Duration: 1 minute/level

Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)

Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)


The caster confers on the subject the ability to see all things as they actually are. The subject sees through normal and magical darkness, notices secret doors hidden by magic or psionics, sees invisible creatures or objects normally, sees through illusions, and sees the true form of changed or transmuted things. The range of true seeing conferred is 120 feet.

True seeing, however, does not penetrate solid objects. It in no way confers X-ray vision or its equivalent. It does not cancel concealment, including that caused by fog and the like. True seeing does not help the viewer see through mundane disguises, spot creatures who are simply hiding, or notice secret panels hidden by mundane means. The effects cannot be combined with other spells and powers.

Material Component: Purchase DC 16.


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