Enroll Today

-May 13th, 2014

The loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong awaited East Texas University / Degrees of Horror release is just around the corner. The Kickstarter went live today and funded in less than 2 hours. Now is your chance to contribute and pre-order not only the books, minis, maps, etc, but also unlock digital freebies based on the number of backers. The more food friends you bring to campus, the more rewards everyone earns!


East Texas University

East Texas University

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It’s Coming

-May 2nd, 2014




Start saving your pennies for college. Registration starts soon.


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Save Your Pennies

-April 21st, 2014

Shane wrote it, so I guess that makes it official.

East Texas University will be the next game released by Pinnacle. Watch this space–and the Pinnacle website–over the next few weeks for an official announcement and timetable.

Bonus: Listen to Ed talk about East Texas University on The Game’s the Thing podcast. This was recorded back in mid-2013 so some of the details about the game have changed but others are dead on. Once the official announcement comes out, we’ll let you know which is which. 🙂

ETU News

-March 25th, 2014

Out of necessity, we haven’t been posting updates on how things are going with ETU. I know from the outside that it might look dead in the water but I promise you under the surface those duck feet are paddling like crazy. We will have news for you soon. Cross my heart and hope to…tell you soon.

That is, if your city is near Indianapolis (mine sure isn’t) and “soon” means August. Yours truly (Preston) will be making my first trip to  GenCon this year. Needless to say I’m really excited and I’d love to meet as many 12 to Midnight fans as possible. I’m running three games (Brainwashed, Chickens in the Mist, and Sorority Secret) and to my surprise all three have filled. I’ve tried to leave enough time in my schedule to hang out, try some games myself, and maybe run a pickup game here or there if plied with sufficient incentive. If you’d like to meet up, have a beer, or just put a face to a name (you’re not missing much– just imagine Brad Pitt and we’ll both be happier) shoot me an email and we’ll work something out. In person I’m an introvert so unfortunately I can’t promise scintillating conversation, but I’ll do my best! Probably the best way to find me will be by stopping by the Studio 2 booth, where I’ll check in multiple times a day.

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