Class Notes: What Next?

-March 20th, 2013

Last year the weekly Class Notes column served as a Degrees of Horror progress journal. Once we returned the manuscript to Pinnacle I shifted gears and wrote about the kinds of things you could expect in the book once it’s released. I wrote about Archetypes, the Fear system, capturing the fun parts of campus life in a game, your foes, and magic.

Today I want start a conversation about what comes next. If you’ll remember, I hinted at other projects at the beginning of the year and later I dedicated a column to the ETU website. In even more broad terms though, Ed and I both want to know what you would like to see from us next. Just as a recap, we at 12 to Midnight have talked about:

  • A collection of short stories inspired by Degrees of Horror.
  • An ETU website with campus news, a faculty directory, police reports, map, plus the ability to buy ETU paraphernalia
  • More ETU shorts: one-sheet/Savage Tales available for purchase individually or bundled
  • New long-form Pinebox adventures (40-50 pages)
  • Multimedia enhancements to Degrees of Horror Savage Tales: sound files of voice mail messages and EVPs found in game.

That’s pretty much the list. Now we’d really like to hear from you. Out of the above list what would you most like to see? Which ones are you willing to part with your hard-earned cash to get? As I’ve mentioned before, Ed and I both have full-time jobs and families so we want to make the best use of our limited free time for creativity. Please give us your opinion about what you most want to see next in the Pinnacle forums, on Facebook, or the unofficial Savage Worlds G+ community.

Unless someone suggests a topic they want me to elaborate upon, Class Notes will probably go on hiatus until the book hits a milestone we can report upon. Instead, beginning next week I’ll resume the Campus Tour column that ran briefly last year. Come back next week for stories about the dangerous, mysterious, and just plain weird people and places of East Texas University.


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