Class Notes: Where Are We?

-August 22nd, 2012

Another Wednesday, another update. Right up front I’ll tell you I’m not done re-writing the final plot point. I’ve started seriously questioning the location for the last big battle. (GASP! He let slip a spoiler! There’s going to be fighting in the last plot point!) By changing the setting I could better align the climax with the tone of the rest of the game and the Pinebox setting in general. And honestly, changing the setting is easy. The problem is that once the setting changes, it creates of ripple of consequences for the circumstances under which ┬áthe heroes encounter and fight “the big bad guy”. It’s those changes that I haven’t reconciled yet. So either I plow ahead with the original (revised) idea or I keep brainstorming until I can come up with a way to proceed with the new (re-revised) coolness.

Actually there’s a third option, which is the one I may take tonight. This week marks the end of summer vacation and the return to teaching for my writing partner– the infamous Ed “Jackson Green” Wetterman. From a practical standpoint, that means he’s done working on Degrees of Horror for at least two or three months while he focuses on his classroom duties. While that’s certainly a bummer, it’s not without a silver lining. Now that I’m the only one working on revisions, I have the freedom to jump around and work on different parts of the book at will. When I get creatively stuck like I am at the moment, I can still be productive on another part while ideas percolate. In this case, tonight I may work on some of the Midnight Tales (our name for what Pinnacle more commonly calls Savage Tales). After trying to string together 12 adventures into a coherent whole, I’m pretty sure working on stand-alone tales is going to feel downright liberating.

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