Class Notes: Trivia Edition!

-December 5th, 2012

  • The oldest Degrees of Horror-related file on my computer is called Majors2, and it was last modified on 12/16/2005. That’s seven years ago, for those of you playing at home.
  • 12 to Midnight attended Origins in 2007 and playtested the first plot point — Sweat Lodge. At that point we’d written a good chunk of the player’s section.
  • We released Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas (our most recent product) in 2009. It was an Ennie nominee the following year.
  • We¬†submitted¬†ETU_final.doc (hah!) to Pinnacle in April 2010. It was 283 pages, 129,251 words. That’s novel length. In the Fall we were given the editor’s notes.

Then we started in on revisions…

  • Last week I turned in ETU_all_chapters_20121127.docx. It was 221 pages and 94,930 words, some of which are notes to the editor.

I’ve written about the revisions in the weekly Class Notes for nearly a year now, so I won’t belabor that. I’ll just say that this is a much tighter, more focused, better book.

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