Class Notes: Charging Ahead

-October 3rd, 2012

As I did last week, I’d like to begin this week by recognizing and thanking some individuals who made a point of letting me know they were still following these posts. Anarxus, J Gregory, and Darren– THANK YOU!

The news this week is almost the polar opposite of last week. In fact, it’s pretty great news. I bounced back and made huge progress on the Savage Tales edits. At the time of this writing, I only have one left to revise and one new one to write. I attribute this surge forward in part to some helpful writing advice and a renewed determination to keep the Tales succinct. Several weeks ago I explained how Ed’s Tales were short on detail whereas my Plot Points went overboard.  This past week I’ve really focused on keeping it to the essentials. Sure when I started the revisions for this chapter I made an effort to keep my word count under control, but when I wasn’t sure what direction a Tale should take my answer was to just keep writing until something clicked.  For the most part I cleaned up the extraneous stuff, but looking back I still see places where the prose got out of hand. So I’ll probably have to take a second pass through the chapter looking for ways to tighten up the writing. That should go way faster– maybe only an extra couple nights of work.

All in all, I feel REALLY good about my progress in the last week. The final chapter — characters and creatures — should go way faster. If I can keep up this pace, I’d say that in the next week or two I’ll be reporting that I’ve reached the end of the book. After that it’s one last pass through the manuscript for polish and cleanup, then it’ll be ready to return to Pinnacle.

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