As promised last week, I did in fact finish Plot Point 10. Here’s the stats:

Plot Points Completed: 10 of 12
Pages: 44 of 47
PP word count: 2,276 of 25,248

Although many of my plot points call back to what has come before, this adventure–the first of the Senior year plot points–is where I really had to focus on pulling the strings together. This adventure took the same core idea as in the first draft, but I had to almost completely rewrite it for a different setting. Letting go of the idea from the first draft was really, really hard. It was a very cool idea that would have been a ton of fun to play. The problem was that it was too much to cram in a plot point adventure. If this had been a completely scripted campaign, I might have been able to make it work. Even then, it probably would have taken a crowbar to squeeze it all in.

For this version I had to return to the basics. What was important for the heroes to accomplish in order to reach the plot arc’s “finish line”? As flashy and cool as the first idea was, I have to say that the execution on this version turned out 10x better.

Next up is plot point 11. Here’s some trivia. In the first draft, it was the last plot point in the arc. After reading it the editor felt like it didn’t give players the closure they would want. So just know that the next plot point, as cranked up as it is, still just sets the stage for the insanity of plot point 12. Also, it wasn’t my fault.

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