Class Notes: 11 of 12

-August 15th, 2012

I REALLY can’t wait for the day that I can talk about how this campaign has evolved over time. What a long, strange trip it’s been. There’s not a whole lot more I can say without giving away plot details, but let’s just say that certain elements have continued to evolve event this late in the writing process.

Oh well. Here’s what you really care about:

Plot points completed: 11 of 12
Pages: 48 of 48
PP word count: 1,865

Here’s some trivia for you. In the original draft, this plot point was the last one. The ending was left open-ended so that the GM could take it in the direction he or she wanted. ¬†Our editor (rightly) felt that we were making the GM do too much of the work in bringing closure to the campaign. So I’ll be writing one more doozy a plot point. Maybe–just maybe–I can slip in the “aftermath” notes from the original draft as a sidebar for those of you who want to take the ending in a different direction.

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