1.  Who performed the music Dementia 13?
2.  Who is Editor-in-Chief of Flames Rising?
3.  Who wrote the zombie novels “Monster Island,” “Monster Nation,” and “Monster Planet?”
4.  What did Filamena Young use to keep her ideas in line with the other authors?
5.  How many contestants in the Guitar Hero tournament in the Raven’s Student Center are expected this year?
6.  The town of Blackburn is south of what landform?
7.  What does the town of Pinebox celebrate every Halloween Weekend?
8.  Who is the County Prosecutor in Pinebox, Texas that Louis Rainer has to work with?
9.  What is the name given to the summoned creature in “The One that Got Away?”
10.  Who did Phil blame for killing Carlito and sacrificing several others by use of Blood Magic?
11.  What are two of the signs of some creature that sucks the minerals from a victims body?
12.  What does Mr. Strega attract?
13.  What did Leonard’s father do before becoming a victim of the witch?
14.  Who helped Tim end his torturous existence?
15.  What was the name of Freddie’s distinctive hard drive?
16.  Who was knocked out by the old woman in Mother?
17.  How hungry is Henry at the end of Lovable Creatures?
18.  What had Sarah eaten that gave her a bizarre child?
19.  Where did Mark decide to stop one Christmas Eve night on his long drive to Louisiana?
20.  Who was Big Pine?

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